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My life with a crewcut or shorter
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Date:2006-01-28 16:38
Subject:I grew my hair out
Mood: creative

and now I need it short again. How short do I go? I want at least a 1 or 2 on the sides, but what about the top? Any ideas?????

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Date:2005-12-03 18:10
Subject:Thoughts on PT
Mood: annoyed

Physical Therapy is probably a good thing for me to endure. I have been relearning how to breath. She also has me doing walking, checking my heart rate. I have to practice getting up out of a chair and bed. I notice that the breathing thing is worse in the morning. I do a lot of chest breathing when I first wake up. I stopped everything this morning and spent two hours doing my breathing excercises. I wrote this down and will check with her re this thing. I still have pain on my right side where the diaphram is - think rib cage. I also have pain in my shoulder still. She gave me excercises for the shaoulder.

There is so much to remember. I will be going to an Occupational therapist this week. I am starting a chart and writiting down everything I do all day, how long it takes, etc.

I have not been sleeping well lately, waking before I usually do by about an hour.

Today I did my two 15 minute walks a little latter in the day. This was better. I hate winter, have to wear sharf, mittens, three layers of clothes....

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Date:2005-11-24 19:31
Subject:Happy Turkey Day!
Mood: creative

We were snowed in on the mounting, that's ok, called the parent - we will go tomorrow since I can't stand shopping on the day after....Hubby grilled the turkey - it's a great way to cook it. Very little fat (it drips into a foil pan under the bird and tastes a little like smoked turkey. We grill it the summer and put fresh herbs inside the beast. Hubby has been known to grill steak on T-Day, not this year, we will get filet mignon for our anniversary (15!) and he can grill them then. Yummmm.

I got a lot of work down on the embroidery project - been going full tilt since I came with how to do what I want to do. I have Lincoln Square first edited, some fine tuning to do. The mansion and the cushman building look great (Damn I'm good). I completed the stitchouts for the fishing/hunting theme. I did a layout for some duck stands. Will work on trees as time permits. I'm feeling good about the embroidery stuff again.

Hubby says I woke him due to the pain in my shoulders. I don't remember, but I know I went to bed feeling crappy and this time it was the left shoulder and neck area. Ears are hurting as well. I go in and out of hearing now on both sides, think when you go up in a plane and your ears pop, that's what I'm experiencing off and on now. I have moments when I think everything is ok, then wham....Errrr. We are getting a wireless mouse for me. I rearranged the computer set up and it's a little better...

ok, back to editing and browsing pictures.

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Date:2005-11-23 15:17
Subject:My annual retail message
Mood: creative

It's time for my annual retail message. I worked retail off and on for most of my work history. Since my work history is over (due to health complications), I'm posting this to you.
1. Thanksgiving eve - while you are enjoying others or preparing your food, the people who work retail are setting up for the day after. If you are scheduled to work on Thanksgiving eve, you stya in the store until everything is put out, sometmes that is way past midnight.
2. Please be patient when you are in line to purchase you large shopping cart full of stuff. The cashier is doing the bast she or he can. They stand there for about 8+ hours a day, you are not the only customer.
3. Please remember that cahsier's are not robots, or machines that are there to please you and cash you out. They need to use the bathroom, even if the lines are out the door.
4. On days like Friday, actually this whole weekend, the normal scheduled breaks are thrown out. They have a half hour for lunch. Be nice, grab a candy bar, have the cashier scan it, then give it back to the cashier and say "Happy Holidays". It will mean more than you know, you might even get a smile.
5. As far as I know - and I worked Wal-Mart for the past two Chirstmas seasons, the stores will have more than enough computers, DVD players, DVD recorders, etc. The only things they might run out of are TVs and video game sets. So don't panic.
6. If at all possible, shop either later at night when the stores are open to 11 or later. If not possible, shop in the morning. Mid day is the worst, there is never enough staff at noon time, the cashiers need a break.
7. Here's my favorite trick for holiday wrapping paper. Go to a JoAnn Fabric near you. They always have it in stock and if you catch a sale, it's up to 50% or more off! If you are buying wrapping paper at Wal-Mart, ask the red vested person in the front end to get umbrella bags for the paper. These are the niceities that Wal-Mart hands out when it rains. They make great wrapping paper bags. i tried to get them to stock it in the store I worked at, but the manager didn't get the concept.
8. Relax, enjoy and please be nice.

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Date:2005-11-22 19:08
Subject:Today's events
Mood: bored

Well, nothing exciting really happens here on the mountain. I live in Vermont, On the side of a mountain, yes it's beautiful. Here's the thing - they tax you if you have even the hint of a mountain view from your home. Unreal. The beautiful people (my term for ultra liberal want to turn this country into socialist state) don't want any business to move up here and you can't eat the view. Well, it snowed today. Not too much. We are storing a plow truck for a friend so we can get out if we need to using that. Hubby does like the feel of driving of it, too much weight on the front. More expected tomorrow and T-Day.

I miss working retail, yeah that sounds strange, but this is the time of year that I loved the hustle and bustle and all. I even liked the night before T-Day at Wal-Mart. It was wild and crazy and I loved it.

Working retail nearly killed though, so no more of that for me. Seems I have diaphragmatic weakness due to my neuropathy...I go again to Boston in December, maybe there is something else I can do to increase the strength...I did get my morning walk, but my legs were tired from yesterday. I will never learn.

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Date:2005-11-21 19:27
Subject:Todays struggle
Mood: bored

I took a walk with hubby and dog today - up some pretty steep hills, breathing was crap, had to stop and breath a bit, and the legs - well, since the ankles no longer flex it is twice the effort. Feel pretty good after that though, did sit pretty much afterwards. Still dizzy in morning, now get these weird leg numness and left arm numbness for no apparent reason except the CMT. ERRR

Worked on some designs, got the lobster traps to look good! Yeah, been struggling with that for two weeks. I edited 6 designs that were less than an inch tall. I have ink now so will print out the fishing shack to "decorate". I am thinking of printing out the porch as well, put some deco stuff for different times of the year.

No word on the North Bennington Project. Will keep working that - have to edit a little at a time, arn numbness again. Just wonderful.

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Date:2005-11-20 19:28
Subject:Thoughts for today
Mood: bored

I'm working on the web site again. Not sure why, but I'm trying it again. I placed some of the embroidery designs I did and just a post from a free site that they won't post them there due to the fact that I partially use an autodigitizing program for the creation. Hmmm, now I guess I can post them to my site and see what happens. ERRR frustrated again. Also frustrated with my antiquated modem - it loads very slowly....

Went out with the Hubby and the dog. He is depressed - it's almost winter, he has no yard work left, did the leaf thing already. My mother treats him like dirt, oh such a soap opera I have...I would love to give him my Zoloft....Happy Thanksgiving - not...

Ok, back to reasearching the next hair do errr buzzz - do I go for #1 or #2???????? I;m leaning to the #1 for the shock value, but 2 will prolong the research and anticipation....maybe from a 2 to 1 to 0!

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Date:2005-05-17 20:27
Mood: depressed

Today (and yesterday) feeling very weak. This neuropathy thing gets to me sometimes. Especially today when it's all I can do to just sit. I did make dinner, took care of the dogs, but that's about all. I feel like someone kicked me in about ten different places. Breathing is painful and difficult. I've been on the spirometer all day, two and three times an hour hoping for relief. These are the days that are difficult coping with my "issues".

The Dr. faxed my unemployment status so maybe that will come through, keep fingers crossed.

Hubby is going back to work, not what we had planned, but it will help.

Not feeling particularly great.

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Date:2005-05-14 23:14
Subject:Shave no. 2
Mood: curious

Went much better than No. 1 I found hubby's Gillette Gel for Men. What a difference! Thick lather, less drag on the blade. I didn't feel like I was shaving it dry! I can't beleive I still like it! Skin is softer, less sandpaper feel.

I didn't do this 'cause I have a fetish (which i do - but it's for the vibrator). I was just curious what I would look like, how I would feel about the process and the look. I had been looking at web sites with shaved heads for a while, just thinking about it. I am glad I found out. WOW.

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Date:2005-05-14 19:36
Mood: content

I shaved my head last night - wow. I never thougth I would do it. It feels very weird, but I like it. It took me a week to get to this point. Never one for spur of the moment things. I started with a #3 buzz cut, then to a #1 on top with #0 on the sides. Sort of like a high and tight. I didn't like what it did to the shape of my head so I buzzed the whole thing down to #0! I liked that a lot! So, I thought why not go to the next level. It took about an hour for the "deed". I feel really good about it.

All this started last year. I was searching for something different for my hair. I had gone to a "stylist". I can't believe I actually paid close to $30 for what she did to me! I had been looking ar styles that were very short. I had looked at buzz cuts, etc. I actually went to a barber a had an all over with a #4. WOW I liked that and the no care was great - wake up and go - no primping, blow drying, etc.

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